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I like this text: "The slot is angled so that when the boat is heeled over, the daggerboard is vertical, so maximising its effect. The windward daggerboard is raised completely out of the water in order to nullify its drag..." is very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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Small 1-2 person sailboat for shallow water? 14' and under.?
I'm looking into a small sailboat that can be setup solo for bay and surf play. Daggerboards are OK, as long as they can be played with in about 2 feet of water.

Thinking a Hobie Cat 14', they're hard to find, so I'll keep my options open.

Looking to spend around a thousand. What boats can you suggest?

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Thus we have a lighter boat that can carry more sail - and that makes for a big increase in speed.

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burial at sea my dear, this is the end for you

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